Don't Let Snow Stop You

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Look into commercial or residential snow removal in Little Black & Medford, WI

When the first snowfall of the year happens, you know you're in for months of slippery surfaces. Luckily, Black Creek Services performs residential snow removal in Little Black and Medford, WI. Dealing with leftover ice? We can even salt your parking lot, driveway and walkway. You can also take advantage of our additional environmentally friendly ice removal options. We can go over your choices together.

Learn more about our residential snow removal options by calling us at 715-560-8397 now.

Avoid slip-and-falls on your property

Commercial snow removal is important for all spaces, including warehouses, shopping plazas and car dealerships. It's especially important for facilities that cater to senior citizens and those with disabilities. That means retirement homes and medical facilities of all kinds.

You want to avoid liability and protect your patients. Schedule commercial snow removal services in Little Black or Medford, WI today.